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Massachusetts: American scientists have discovered that people who sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning have a lower risk of depression than those who go to bed late and wake up late.

The findings come after studying the sleep patterns and depression of about 8.5 million British people.

Data on all of these people were obtained from two sources: the British biotechnology company 23andMe and the UK Bio bank, the UK’s biomedical database.

The study found that although all of these people had a good night’s sleep (7 to 8 hours), people who were accustomed to going to bed early at night and getting up early in the morning had a 23% lower risk of depression than those who went to bed late and woke up late.

Not only that, but those who changed their sleep-wake routines and got into the habit of waking up early, their risk of depression was significantly reduced by just one hour.

Though the online research journal JAMA Psychiatry, did not rule out a late wake-up is a call for depression. But it has been found that the habit of getting up early in the morning, along with a good night’s sleep is more useful.

So waking up early in the morning is an easy way to reduce the risk of depression

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